VFW Member Reunites with Long Lost Vietnam Family

VFW member reunites with long lost Vietnam family

Over the 2023 Christmas holiday, we learned about a VFW member that reunited with his long-lost family from Vietnam. This is our own Department of Texas State Surgeon, Gerard Greene, from VFW Post 6796 in Dallas, TX. Here is the heart-warming story from his own words.

A Story of Reuniting Long Lost Family

I’ve got a story that I would like to share with all my Facebook friends and especially my VFW family. Right after Thanksgiving on a Friday morning I got a phone call from a lady that asked if my name was Gerard Greene, I said it was. She said she didn’t want anything and, didn’t want to freak me out but it seems like 27% of her DNA was mine.

Needless to say, that was a shock. She told me that she had taken a DNA test about year ago but didn’t do anything with it but to find out her heritage which was in the country of Vietnam. After more conversation she asked if I would be willing to talk to her mother, I told her that I would be happy to talk to her.

Vietnam Heritage Continues Serving

A while later she called, I later find out that she was concerned that I would reject her since she volunteered her time to communicate with Vietnam children with American father since the communist wouldn’t let them go to school. When she did find out that the DNA did match most of the time, they wanted nothing to do with them.

vfw member Gerard Green reunites with long lost Vietnam daughter and family

We talked for quite a while, and wanted to know if we could get together and have dinner, we did and that started a journey that will change my life. We both did a DNA test and a week later it came back 99.999 positive.

Now, I have a daughter, granddaughter, 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. Talk about a wonderful Christmas! Most of the boys attended Jr. ROTC and are currently in the Marine Corps, Army, Air-force, and Navy.

Long Lost Family Members Reunite

This family is very close and are very respectful. My happiness has no bounds right now.

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