Texas VFW BBQ Cook-off Competitions

This year’s BBQ Cook-off events are kicking off with a bang in Houston at the Texans game in November, 2023. The 2nd BBQ event will take place in January, 2024, in Eagle Pass for Feeding the Troops. In May, 2024,  the last BBQ Cook-off event will be in Leander for the final Championship.



To win the overall Championship, a team will need to compete in at least 2 of the 3 events to qualify. Points are tallied at every Cook-off Event so it is encouraged to try to do compete in all 3 for the best chances of winning. See more details below for event specific information and where to submit the Online Registration Form.



The BBQ State Championship is May 10-11, 2024 in Leander.

2023-2024 Texas BBQ Chair

Todd Richardson

If you have any questions on rules, location, dates or other general question, please reach out to the email button below.


Some events may need additional volunteers to assist with the event. Please contact the BBQ chair if you are interested.

Texas VFW Cookoff Team Standings

Team Event Points Steak Points Fajiatas Points Chicken Prize Points Total Points
Post 12223 Montgomery Houston 1 1st - 250 1st - 250 2nd - 225 250 975
Post 12160 Stinton Houston 1 2nd - 225 2nd - 225 6th - 140 225 815
Post 9761 Crosby Houston 1 7th - 130 3rd - 200 1st - 250 0 580
Post 7110 MG20 New Braunsfel Houston 1 3rd - 200 4th - 175 3rd - 200 0 575
Post 1480 Kerrville Houston 1 6th - 140 6th - 140 4th - 175 0 455
Post 4709 Conroe Houston 1 4th - 175 7th - 130 5th - 150 0 455
Post 8539 Lampasas Houston 1 5th - 150 5th - 150 7th - 130 0 430

State BBQ Cookoff

May 10-11, 2024

Location: Leander Post 10427

  • Cooks meeting Friday followed by Fajita turn in
  • Saturday turn in will be
    • Chicken
    • Ribs
    • Brisket
    • Pork Butt
  • Exact Timeline to follow
  • The 9 eligible posts are 12160, 7110, 1480, 12223, 4709, 9761, 8539, 12041 and 6783
  •  Current Standings will be posted in the above table

Houston BBQ Cook-off Event 1

Nov 5, 2023 - Houston Texans Game

Location: NRG Stadium

The first BBQ Cook-off competition and now is the time to get your team registered. Remember, a team must compete in all 2 Cook-off events to be eligible to win the Championship!


The Houston Cook-off has a free team entry fee. However, you must purchase a Tailgate Parking Pass ($33). Teams with BBQ trailers will have to purchase 2 spots. Please read through the remaining rules below and complete your registration process.


For this event, the following competition rules have been put in place:

  • Teams must be members of the VFW, Auxiliary or sponsored by such
  • Teams are required to bring all necessary equipment and meat seasonings
  • Meats must not be seasoned in anyway prior to cook-off
  • No late turn-ins will be accepted
  • Judging will be on Steak, Fajitas and Chicken
  • Teams must prepare a Chef’s Choice to be sold or given away to Tailgaters (not judged)

Tailgating Rules:

  • Gates open at 7:00am and close at 4:30pm
  • No glass bottles are allowed within the parking lots
  • No drinking alcohol outside of the tailgate parking area
2024 Feed The Troops Texas VFW BBQ Teams

Feed The Troops
BBQ Cook-off Event II

Time for the 2nd Annual Feed the Troops and Texas VFW BBQ Competition event!

Camp Charlie in Eagle Pass

January 26-27, 2024

Feeding the Troops this year looks to be a monumental task with an expected 800+ meals. This will be All-Hands-On-Deck to accomplish this mission. Get your teams ready!


All meats and beans will be provided to the teams for the competition. Remember to bring extra coolers if you got’em.


For this event, the following competition rules have been put in place:

  • Teams must be members of the VFW, Auxiliary or sponsored by such.
  • Teams are required to bring their pits, all necessary equipment and seasonings.
  • Teams will be responsible for cooking the provided brisket, chicken, sausage and beans.
  • There will be no judging for this event, each team to receive 250 points provided they meet the above requirements.

Additional event details will be available soon.